COVID-19 Update – ETFO Advisory and FAQ – March 26

We are in uncharted waters.
What we carry with us in our homes and communities is our compassion, for our own family and loved ones in a very surreal time, and, of course, the students and families who are our allies and who we remain connected through the dynamic teaching and learning relationship we have had all year.
This week, during Phase 1 of the Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 roll out of learning resources through TVO, principals have sought to make contact with the families in their schools. Next week, the board will be looking to teachers to make initial contact with their students’ families.
Following April 6, in the event of an extended closure, ETFO has prepared the following advisory and FAQ for members.
Download the ETFO COVID-19 Advisory and FAQ – March 26 [PDF]
We are continuing to work with ETFO, the Board, and public health agencies to provide our members with as much information as possible about the ongoing situation.
We are also working closely with our labour and social justice allies to develop and share resources, while harnessing our collective power to support vulnerable workers and families being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
ETT will continue to provide updates via email and through the ETT website as they become available.
Stay strong. Stay safe. We will get through this together.
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