COVID-19 FAQ #29 Responding to COVID-19

We anticipate that this will be the last COVID-19 FAQ of the 2020-2021 school year. In
FAQ #29, you will find information on: vaccinations; health and safety; mental health;
reporting; individual education plans; and pandemic impacts on the South Asian

Here’s a link to COVID-19 FAQ #28, if you need a refresher on our last update.

Stay informed about your health and safety at work at


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be encouraging students to be vaccinated?
Members should not engage in discussions or advise students and/or their families on
their personal/family choices related to vaccinations. This falls outside the realm of your
required duties.
What can I do to prepare for a safe start to the next school year?
As the school year winds up, there are opportunities to take action to ensure staff and
students are safe in schools in September. In your school or school board, this may
already have been discussed by the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). Your
administrator or Health and Safety representative should be able to tell you:
• the plans for summer workplace inspections;
• any ventilation assessments done or work planned to improve ventilation
over the summer;
• the time that has been set aside before students are back in schools to train staff
on up-to-date safety protocols; and
• if worker input (through the JHSC) is being given into reopening in September.
Since many repairs and upgrades occur over the summer, it is important that you remind
school administration of any concerns in your space so they are not missed. If the JHSC
has not yet had their June meeting, asking these questions will help prompt important
In addition, the Provincial Working Group on Health and Safety is scheduled to meet
over the summer months to discuss safety issues related to September reopening.


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