Amplify Our Message: Call Out For Members Interested in Speaking to Media

More than ever, media outlets want teachers to share their experiences. They want to talk to us about how the Ford government has failed to provide the necessary funding to ensure safety in our schools and the tools for teachers to properly implement remote, synchronous learning. They want to know why this threatens the quality, world-class education that parents and students have come to expect.

To amplify our message and ensure that we have members ready to speak to the media about our issues, ETT is asking members interested in this opportunity and willing to share their point of view to please sign up and provide us with their contact information.

We are also asking teachers fluent in languages other than English to apply and note their fluency when they sign up.

Members that sign up may be asked to participate in media training in the future at the local or provincial level.

This is your way to take an action role in our union and help share our message.

Media Call Out

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