Advisory: Student Attendance

Earlier this year, ETT filed a grievance against the Board for requiring our members to perform attendance-related duties typically performed by members of another bargaining unit. In a recent communication to staff, the TDSB has directed ETT members to enter student attendance data in Trillium. We have been notified that this request has prompted CUPE 4400 to file a grievance against the TDSB for requiring our members to conduct the work of their bargaining unit.

ETT members are reminded that they are required to take daily attendance that includes providing the school office with a list of students who are present and absent. In a virtual or remote context teachers may, for example, submit a boxed class-list by email to the school principal and office administrator. Teachers could also send a complete and scanned copy of your normal attendance sheet via email. Another option would be to enter attendance data in Trillium, although it is ETT’s position that this cannot be required as this is a task typically performed by CUPE 4400 staff.

Whichever method that you choose, please remember that the safety of students is of paramount importance and the submission of a clear attendance record is critical.

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