Advisory: Report Cards

Despite assurances from TDSB that it is voluntary, we continue to receive reports from members that some principals are requesting draft comments for approval. I have again reached out to the Board to inform them of this practice and to express our concern. ETT members are reminded that they are not required to submit draft comments for approval in advance.

There remains a vast inequity between report card timelines in bricks and mortar and virtual schools. Furthermore, there doesn’t appear to be any consistency in the timelines between schools. Time and again, we have highlighted the inequity and the resultant stress that this places on our members to the Board. Despite the flexibility of other school boards, the TDSB refuses to recognize this situation’s inequity and the stress this creates for many of you. They have refused to agree to our demands for extended deadlines. Instead, they have informed us that teachers should request support from their principal if they are unable to meet the deadlines.

Members are reminded that L – D.21.1 of the Collective Agreement requires principals to communicate ALL report card deadlines by September 30. If this was not done, your principal has violated the Collective Agreement by not communicating dates on time. Principals do not have the right to establish deadlines after September 30. If you did not receive report card deadlines in accordance with L – D.21.1, we suggest that you submit your report cards no later than January 25.

Please reach out to your ETT Executive Officer for any support you may require.

Jennifer Brown
ETT President

ETFO Resources

ETFO Professional Judgement Guidelines for the Completion of the Elementary Provincial Report Card –Grades 1 to 8 [PDF]

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