Advisory: Four Over Five Plan – Do Not Amend Contract

ETT issued an advisory to members on March 1, 2018 regarding the Board’s interpretation of cost sharing provisions in the Collective Agreement for teachers on a Four Over Five deferred salary leave.
This matter is currently the subject of a Policy Grievance with the TDSB.
ETT advised members in the March 1, 2018 advisory to add a “without prejudice” statement to the Four Over Five application.
Members who have submitted the application are also required to sign a contract with the TDSB.
ETT is now advising members not to amend this contract in any way prior to submitting it to the Board. Contracts that are amended will not be processed by the TDSB.
ETFO has advised that signing the Four Over Five contract does not waive a member’s right to the restitution that may be awarded in the event of a successful Policy Grievance.

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