Advisory: February Pivot

The ETT Table Team has met with the Board over the last week to discuss the process for the February pivot that will take effect next Monday, February 16, 2021.

We made the following positions very clear:

  1. ETT is opposed to our members delivering instruction in two modalities simultaneously (i.e., teaching face-to-face and virtually at the same time).
  2. As with every re-organization, teacher seniority and qualifications must be used to determine movement to “remote hubs.”
  3. All other Collective Agreement provisions must be followed including, but not limited to, teacher consultation in the event of an assignment change.

We are pleased to report that the TDSB has agreed and are honouring the principles outlined above. Please be advised the TDSB does NOT support simultaneous teaching. Principals must ensure that ETT members are teaching either in the remote learning hub or in-person.

Where ETT staff members in bricks and mortar schools are required to migrate to a remote hub, the principal will first ask for volunteers. If this does not yield the requisite number of staff, the principal will notify the teacher(s) with the lowest seniority that they will be teaching in a remote hub.

If you volunteer, or are required, to teach in a remote hub, please note that you have not been declared surplus. You will remain part of your home school seniority list for the purposes of the spring surplus and transfer process.

Jamie Thom
ETT Vice President and Grievance Coordinator

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