Advisory: Absence Reporting

While absence reporting procedures may vary from school to school, ETT members are advised of the following general guidelines:

  1. In the event of an absence your immediate supervisor(s) should be notified.
  2. You should follow the procedure at your school/worksite for booking an occasional teacher. This is typically done by either the office administrator or by the teacher booking the absence.
  3. Teachers are responsible for advance programming and planning. As such, plans should be left for three days and student information (e.g., IEP modifications) should be made available for the occasional teacher filling the absence.

In the event of unplanned absences or emergencies, teachers may provide emergency lesson plans in a central location that are accessible to the occasional teacher. In a brick and mortar school, this may be the school office or classroom. In a virtual school context, this would typically be the virtual classroom.

In order to gain access to a classroom in virtual school, the occasional teacher needs to be provided with access privileges to the virtual teaching platform(s) in order to obtain lesson plans, materials, and the tools necessary to teach classes and report student attendance.

Teachers are not required to communicate with parents regarding their absence(s) nor are they required to perform any work related duties during the period of their absence, provided that all of the steps above have been completed.

Please contact your ETT Executive Officer if you require any support regarding this matter.

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