12 Acts of Destruction song competition

This is a competition for ETT members in their schools/worksites. The Political Action and Public Education Committee is asking you and your colleagues to record yourselves singing the, “12 Acts of Destruction” using the score of The Twelve Days of Christmas. This contest is between ETT member schools/sites. The videos will be shared via the ETT social media channels. The winner of the contest will be the video with the most social media likes.

The top school/site will win a lunch party for all ETT members at their school/worksite.

Each school/site can forward the recording to rallan@ett.on.ca in order for it to be posted to our ETT social media sites. (If the file is large you can share a Google link or send through a platform such as WeTransfer)

Deadline to submit is December 22, 2022 by 9:00 a.m.

For more information contact Maria Abbruzzese, Laura McCoy or Nigel Barriffe.

Download the sheet music. Download the lyrics.

Click here for an example of “12 Acts of Destruction” by Environmental Defence.


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