Wilson Report Update

Wilson Report: Community Consultation Schedule

Please find attached a link to meetings this week that are being held around the city by Trustees to discuss the Wilson Report. ETT is monitoring these meetings and we encourage all Teachers to try to attend.

TDSB: Wilson Report Community Consultation Schedule

Wilson Report: Central Issues

The central issues of this report are as follows:

  1. The report removes the power of democratically elected Trustees and reduces their ability to advocate for parents, support students, and question the directives of the TDSB and the Ministry.
  2. The report proposes closing schools based on capacity/utilization space by students, ignoring all other programs, day cares, adult education, and other activities that may be going on in the school. The TDSB has generated a list based on this directive that targets up to 130 schools for closure.

Closing schools may generate money to pay for some emergency repairs to some schools, but this one-time solution will not address the chronic underfunding of the TDSB or address the real problems in schools, such as lack of support staff, large class sizes, lack of specialist Teachers, crumbling infrastructure, lack of staff and programs for special education students, etc.

As this issue continues, ETT has developed a special section on our website for updates and background information.

ETT is continuing to meet with Trustees and work with our allies, including OSSTF, CUPE, Labour Council, and other community organizations to address the issues arising from the report.

John Smith
ETT President


Wilson Report Update - February 2 2015 (PDF)