ETT Member Video: Tim Hudak’s Education Agenda

May 21, 2014

ETT Member Video: Tim Hudak’s Education Agenda

“As our union we fight together. After Tim Hudak you’ll stand alone.”

This election matters.

It matters to Ontario families. It matters to the students in our classrooms. It matters to our colleagues in education and the wider public sector. It matters to anyone that values education.

It matters to ETT members.

Working with the ETT Communications Committee, several ETT Members (credits below) created the following video to highlight the threat posed by Tim Hudak to publicly funded education, students, and teachers.

Members, please share this video with your colleagues. Let’s stop Tim Hudak.

Take Action

Visit the 2014 Provincial Election portal for the list of ETT’s endorsed candidates, polling information, and more.

Get involved in the election. Join your colleagues and work for a candidate that together we can all support.

Video Credits

Producer: Andy Lomnicki
Directors: Jason Liaw and Michael Vaisman
Script: Andy Lomnicki, Michael Vaisman, Darcy McLean, Reginald Rosengren, Karen Jusek, Jennifer Herman, Bruce Stodart, and Jason Liaw
Camera/Editing: Jason Liaw
Score: Christopher Morgan
Piano/Mixing: Boris Petrowski and Benjamin Palmai

Teachers (in order of appearance):
Jennifer Kennedy
Lewelyn Lee
Anthony King
Istvan Szentes
Darcy McLean