Video: I Can Handle That

January 15, 2015

Video: I Can Handle That

As Collective Bargaining ramps up, the teachers that form the ETT Communications Committee have launched an initiative to strengthen our collective voice and to highlight the issues that teachers face every day.

The first entry from the committee focuses on excessive workload and expectations, and why taking on these tasks can be a slippery slope.

The video is called “I Can Handle That.”

Use the following YouTube link to share this video with your colleagues via social media or by email:

Stay tuned for the next video in the series which will highlight how to possibly address workload issues at your school/worksite.


Olive Creary-Satchell
Doris Duni
Jenny Herman
Karen Jusek
Jason Liaw
Andy Lomnicki
Nancy McKay
Darcy McLean
Del Milbrandt
Reg Rosengren
Bruce Stodart