Toronto Education Workers (CUPE Local 4400) Work-to-Rule

Our sisters and brothers in CUPE Local 4400 will begin Work-to-Rule job action on September 10, in support of their contract negotiations.

The education workers at CUPE 4400 are 12,000 members strong and represent many of the colleagues we work alongside every day in our schools, including educational assistants, early childhood educators, office administrators, custodians, special needs assistants, tradespeople, instructors, library technicians, IT specialists, speech pathologists, and many others.

ETT stands in solidarity with their actions. Our Collective Agreement is clear that our Members will not perform the duties normally and regularly performed by those workers on strike. The only time ETT members would perform those duties is when student safety is an immediate issue.

ETT would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our CUPE 4400 colleagues for their support of our Work-to-Rule campaign, and we in turn commit our solidarity with their struggle.

If ETT Members need clarification around any of these issues, please contact your Executive Officer.

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