The Last Word

The school year ends on Friday, and my term of office as ETT President ends with it.  It has been a challenging and exciting decade and a half since the “big bang” amalgamation of seven boards and two unions took place.

While we experienced our share of setbacks and frustration during those times, we also have much success to celebrate, and Toronto teachers have been second to none in ensuring that our Union, ETFO, is strong, well-resourced, and committed to improving the situation of members, and the communities we serve.

This is to say “thank you, merci, meegwetch” to ETT members for granting me the privilege to serve the Union in a leadership role since our founding.  I have always felt the support and best wishes of the membership, and appreciated it very much.

My best wishes go to President John Smith, the members of the Executive, Regional Councillors, Stewards, Committee Members….all those who will step up to make a contribution in the struggles—and there will be struggles—that lie ahead.

In solidarity,

See you at the Labour Day Parade,

Martin Long


Memo: Martin Long - The Last Word (PDF)