The Elms Junior Middle School

Grade Range: JK-8
Family of Schools: WR1

Address: 45 Golfdown Dr
Neighbourhood: The Elms



Learning Opportunities Index Rank (2014): 62

Utilization Rate (2014): 49%
Enrolment (2014): 331

Utilization Rate (Projected 2034): 44%
Enrolment: (Projected 2034): 300

After a period of contraction, The TDSB projects that The Elms Junior Middle School’s enrolment will begin to grow again in 10 years.

Special Programs

The Elms is part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities Program.

Additional Programs Using School Space During the School Day

Literacy and Basic Skills (7 Classrooms)
Centre for Early Childhood Education (Daycare)
Early Years Parenting Centre (Parent and Family Literacy Centre)


Swimming Pool
Parks and Recreation Community Centre


The Elms Junior Middle School Profile
TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (LOI) [PDF]
Elementary/Junior High School Enrolment, Capacity and Utilization Data (2004‐2034) [PDF]