Teaching Vice Principals and Special Education

Last year, Special Education teachers and ETT fought to ensure that when teaching Vice Principals take on a Special Education assignment, that this program is timetabled and delivered. Our students have a right to and deserve to have the support that has been allocated.

In the spring of 2017, we won an important victory on this issue when the Board published a system-wide memo concerning the delivery of the Community Based Resource Model which included specific language about teaching Vice Principals with Special Education assignments.

We are now monitoring this situation. We need to ensure that the language we won by coming together is being enforced in every school with a teaching Vice Principal who has a Special Education assignment.

Please see the language from this memo below:

  • All Special Education Teacher allocations are expected to be Teaching assignments
  • Staff need to be working with students and should have a timetable showing which students they are serving and where
  • Staff need to have a special Education qualification
  • VP’s with a .5 Teaching assignment in special education are also expected to have a special Education qualification and to have a timetable showing which students they are serving and where
  • For staff with special education teaching assignments, including Vice Principals, it is expected that the timetable will be followed and the program will not be collapsed

To help us monitor and enforce this language, we will be sending a survey to Stewards at our schools that have a .5 Teaching Vice Principal.






Special Education