Surplus and Transfer: Full-time and Part-time Information and FAQs

Important Dates

March 1, 2018: Deadline for full-time teachers requesting a part-time teaching assignment or an extension of a part-time teaching assignment for the 2018/19 school year to submit applications to the Elementary Teaching Office (forms are available on the TDSB website or in your school).


  • As per L – D.12.1 of the Collective Agreement, a full-time teacher may request to go part-time for the following school year.
  • If you select specified, you have the option of selecting either one or two years of temporary part-time status.
  • You have multiple options on the form. It is important to note that if you select unspecified, you are opting to become a permanent part-time teacher and are giving up your full-time status.
  • Contact the ETFO ELHT to discuss the impact on your Benefits of part-time status at 1-866-783-6847.
  • Be aware that if you are going from full-time to part-time, this will have an effect on your income and pension. Please call the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to discuss this at 416-226-2700.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am not ready to return to my full-time assignment, can I extend my part-time status for a second year?

Yes, you can apply for temporary part-time status for a second consecutive year. We recommend that teachers apply for part-time status for one year only. This allows you more flexibility with the option to extend for a second year, if necessary. At the end of the second year, you can apply for an extension to your temporary part-time status. It is advisable to attach a letter to your application outlining the circumstances of which you require an extension request to be granted.

2) If I apply for part-time status will I remain at my current school?

It is likely that you will remain in your school but it is not guaranteed. It depends on a number of factors including your qualifications, the staffing allocation, approved staffing model, etc. If you cannot be accommodated at your current school, you will be placed at another school. You also have the option of applying for positions.

3) As a full-time teacher, can I apply for part-time positions during the postings?

Yes, but be careful. If you have not been made surplus from your school and you apply for a part-time position elsewhere and are successful, you will become a permanent part-time teacher, unless you manage to secure a second 0.5 assignment through the postings. You will NOT be placed by the board if you were not declared surplus.

4) I am a part-time teacher but I want to get a full-time contract with the board. How do I do this?

There is a mini-round of postings that will begin in June. Once the Surplus and Transfer process is complete, remaining positions are made available to 0.5 teachers who want to become full-time. You should notify your principal if you are interested in this and they will make you aware of postings when the mini-round becomes available.

ETT Surplus and Transfer Committee Members:

Kwabena Frimpong (LC1)
416 708 8671

Roz Geridis (LC3)
416 708 8287

Colin Strange (LC2)
416 708 8317

Jamie Thom (LC4)
416 708 8509


Surplus And Transfer - Full Time And Part Time Information And FAQs - Feburary 26 2018 (PDF)