Shine a Light On: Teaching Vice Principals

March 3, 2014

Shine a Light On: Teaching Vice Principals

Please be advised that this Shine a Light is accurate as of March 3, 2014.

Teaching vice principals can be disruptive to the learning environment if not following a complete/realistic teaching timetable.

Administrators need to be available to students and teachers to provide administrative support at all times.

Address concerns relating to teaching vice principals in your school.

Teaching Vice Principals Can Create Barriers to Student Success

  • Administrators are pulled away from teaching, canceling programmes (eg. Library, Special Ed., ESL, etc.) to the detriment of students that require special support, increasing the workload of the rest of the staff.
  • Teachers are not provided with administrative/disciplinary support when it’s needed.
  • Teaching vice principals are often not on the Supervision Schedule.
  • Bargaining unit jobs are taken by administrators.
  • Preparation time is cancelled due to emergent administration duties.

Take action in your school, ensure that:

  1. During the Staffing Committee process there is full and open disclosure of all positions on the Staffing Model.
  2. All staff has full knowledge and equal access upon request to all positions on the Staffing Model (ie. positions are not hidden or set aside for vice principals).
  3. Vice principals are placed on the supervision schedule.
  4. If your school has a half-time teaching vice principal:

a) The teaching assignment is fully understood by all staff.
b) The teaching time table is clearly defined and circulated among staff.
c) That if the assignment is not being done to the full, please inform your ETT Executive Officer.

Teachers need protection in their Collective Agreement to make certain that:

  • Jobs are not taken out of the staffing model.
  • Students and teachers receive full administrative support.
  • Programming is delivered to students in a consistent way.

In other Boards, half-time vice principals are placed in two schools.

In most school Boards around the province half-time teaching vice principals are not an issue. In other Boards, half-time vice principals are placed in two schools, ensuring programs to students are not disrupted, and that vice principals can focus on their administrative duties.


Shine a Light - Teaching Vice Principals (PDF)