Shine a Light On: Staff Meetings

March 3, 2014

Shine a Light On: Staff Meetings

Please be advised that this Shine a Light is accurate as of March 3, 2014.

Staff meetings can be a useful forum, but only when the rules in our Collective Agreement are upheld.

Learn the practices as outlined in the Collective Agreement.

In accordance with Article L – D.18.0. of the Collective Agreement:

  • Principals must convene a meeting of teachers early in the school year to determine the schedule of staff meetings.
  • Consensus should be achieved between the principal and teachers regarding the frequency, length, and timing of the meetings.
  • A list of the proposed meetings for the school year must be posted within a week of the first staff meeting.
  • Teachers can post items on the staff meeting agenda.
  • Staff meetings shall be held no more than once per month on average.
  • Staff meetings shall be no longer than 75 minutes.

Best Practices

  • Staff meetings can take place during the lunch hour, before school, after school, or during the instructional day.
  • Meetings can be shorter than 75 minutes.
  • A growing number of schools are reducing the frequency of staff meetings (or eliminating them) in favour of posting information and engaging in dialogue using in-school email communication.
  • Agenda should be distributed before each meeting.
  • Minutes should be taken and distributed to all staff after the meeting.
  • If you cannot attend the meeting, inform the administration.
  • Meetings should be conducted in a fair and democratic manner (everyone should be allowed to speak through a speakers’ list; consider a rotating chair).
  • Items not dealt with at the end of one meeting should carry over to be dealt with at the start of the next meeting.

If you are having any difficulty with respect to staff meetings please contact your Executive Officer.

Effective Staff Meetings

Effective staff meetings can help facilitate operations within a school and are useful forums for teachers to share information and provide input into decision making.

The language of our collective agreement entitles teachers to a significant say as to how staff meetings are run.

Language of the Collective Agreement: L – D.18.0. — Staff meetings

At the beginning of the school year, the principal shall convene a meeting of teachers to consider the schedule of regular staff meetings. The principal will endeavor to achieve consensus in establishing the schedule which shall include the frequency, length, and timing of such meetings. Part-time and other regular teaching commitments shall be taken into consideration at this meeting. The schedule will be posted within one week of the meeting.

Regularly scheduled staff meetings shall be held no more than once per month on average. Each meeting shall be no more than 75 minutes in length. Regularly scheduled staff meetings may include administrative/organizational issues, professional development, training and other matters aligned with school and Board goals. Teachers are expected to attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.

Teachers have the right to place items on the staff meeting agenda.


Shine a Light - Staff Meetings (PDF)