Severe Weather Day

ETT has received a number of calls regarding protocols around severe weather days.

If a teacher feels that it is unsafe to travel because of severe weather they need to immediately inform their principal that due to unsafe conditions they are unable to travel to work.

ETT fully expects the teachers to be paid for that day.

The Board procedure PR519 [PDF] lays out information for employees, including “Attendance and Duties,” “Reporting Absences When Schools and Sites are Open to Students – Regular Working Day,” and “Summary of Responsibilities.”

The Board document points out:

Employees must exercise due diligence in order to attempt to get to their place of work. Employees should be in contact with their Principal/Superintendent advising them of progress and/or evaluating the situation as to their arrival. That may require supplemental updates. If due diligence is followed and they cannot make it to their work site, they should still get paid for the day, with deduction of Miscellaneous Leave Credits.

The decision to close schools is a right of the TDSB. The Director makes that decision and does not rely on surrounding school Boards for direction.

John Smith
ETT President


Severe Weather Day - Feb 26 2015 (PDF)