Regional Organizer Candidates – 2020-2021

August 11, 2020

Regional Organizer Candidates – 2020-2021

The following are the Regional Organizer candidates for the 2020-2021 school year, by Ward.

Elections will be held as per the Regional Organizers Election Process (outlined below) in the Wards where there is more than one candidate.

WardsRegional Organizer Candidates
Ward 1Kristyn Owers
Ward 1Christopher Nedell
Ward 2Clint Wilson (Acclaimed)
Ward 3No Candidate
Ward 4Mike Martin (Acclaimed)
Ward 5Valerie Barney-Matheson
Ward 5Valarie Taitt
Ward 5Jing Zhao
Ward 5John Crunkleton
Ward 6Lori Steinberg (Acclaimed)
Ward 7Elizabeth McLean
Ward 7Janis Cadieux
Ward 7Emily Macklin
Ward 7Stephen Gartshore
Ward 8Francesca Piccione (Acclaimed)
Ward 9Dottie Irvine
Ward 9Ellen D'Heureux
Ward 10Kimberley Fry
Ward 10Diana Andrews
Ward 11Chi Hang (Acclaimed)
Ward 12Seth Cole (Acclaimed)
Ward 13Farzana Karmali
Ward 13Karen Jutzi
Ward 14Charles Gibbs
Ward 14Heather Metheven
Ward 14Adam Poole
Ward 15Michael Jursic
Ward 15Simon Francis
Ward 15Adrienne Plumley
Ward 16Jennie Boutiller
Ward 16Cynthia McCarrey
Ward 16Matthew Long
Ward 17Jacqueline Cooper (Acclaimed)
Ward 18Erin Heagle (Acclaimed)
Ward 19Julius
Ward 19Marcia Thompson
Ward 20Karen Boulos (Acclaimed)
Ward 21Shawn Adams (Acclaimed)
Ward 22Roger Beal (Acclaimed)

Duties of the Regional Organizers

  • to hold at least three (3) meetings with Union Stewards in their Ward in cooperation with their Executive Officer;
  • to regularly contact and share information from the Regional Organizer meetings with the Union Stewards, and share information from Union Stewards at Regional Organizers meetings and with the Executive Officer Liaison to that Family of Schools;
  • to attend and assist the Executive in organizing events such as Steward Training, Collective Bargaining meetings, attend at least two (2) General Meetings, ratification votes, preliminary submission votes, participate on task forces and other Executive initiatives;
  • shall comply with the duties and responsibilities as outlined for the role of Regional Organizer at the ETFO Annual Meeting;
  • to regularly attend Regional Organizer Meetings.
  • ensure Ward Union Steward contact sheet is updated early in the school year, and when changes arise.
  • to contact Union Stewards about the attendance and participation of members

The Regional Organizers Election Process

If there are two (2) or more nominations within a TDSB Ward, an election shall take place. The following election process shall be used:

  • A meeting will be scheduled to elect a Regional Organizer. Only active ETT members from that particular TDSB Ward may participate.
  • All active ETT members who work in that TDSB Ward will be eligible to vote. ETT members who work outside of the TDSB Ward are not eligible to vote in the Regional Organizer election.
  • Each candidate will be allowed to make a two (2) minute speech.
  • The speeches will be followed by a maximum thirty (30) minute question-and-answer period. All candidates will have equal opportunity to address any questions.
  • Each nominee’s response to a question shall be no longer than one (1) minute.
  • Order of speeches shall be randomly drawn before the start of the meeting.
  • The vote will be held by September 18, 2020 and will be supervised by the Executive Officer for that TDSB Ward.
  • The Executive Officer for that TDSB Ward will run the election and supervise the vote.
  • Votes will be conducted by virtual secret ballot. Results will be shared immediately with all participants.
  • Election results will be shared immediately with the liaison(s) to the Governance Committee and the ETT Executive.
  • In the event that no Regional Organizer is elected for a TDSB Ward, the ETT Executive will appoint a Regional Organizer.




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