Potential Board Surplus

For the past few years, Elementary Staffing at the TDSB has been impacted by the pattern of declining student enrolment.

To date, the worst effects of the decline have been mitigated through attrition, including retirements and resignations, as well as the Board placing school surplus teachers into Board vacancies created by leaves of absence. These practices continue and we continue to work with the Board to try to avoid a Board Surplus situation.

That being said, for the first time in several years, the Board has informed ETT that it will be sending interim notification to teachers that they are Surplus to Board.

Process and Notes:

  • There are currently no teachers on the French track that will be receiving such notification. All projected Board Surplus is on the English track.
  • Interim notification of surplus status is sent to teachers based on their board-wide seniority. Teachers who have not been declared surplus from their current school may still receive an interim notification that they are surplus to board.
  • Employee Services will continue to find placements for teachers throughout June 2016 as vacancies arise.
  • There will be a TDSB information meeting for all teachers who have received an interim notification of on June 20, 2016.
  • At the end of June 2016, those teachers who are confirmed as Surplus to Board will be notified and informed of their rights as per the Collective Agreement.

Options for Board Surplus Teachers:

  • Teachers who are declared Board Surplus are entitled to either severance pay (E.2.2) or recall rights (E.3.0).
  • If a member chooses the severance pay option, they automatically forego their right to recall.
  • If a member chooses recall, this right extends for 24 months after notice of termination.
  • Members on this list will be recalled by seniority and qualifications as positions become available.

Please contact your ETT Executive Officer if you have further questions or concerns.

John Smith
ETT President

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Board Surplus - John Smith - 06032016 (PDF)