Phase 2 Work-to-Rule Clarification

ETT has received a number of calls and emails concerning Phase 2 Work-to-Rule directions pertaining to extra-curricular activities and permission forms.

At this point, extra-curricular activities are not struck. The distribution and collection of any Board forms that need to be completed are struck work. If the administration oversees the distribution and collection of permission forms, medical forms, et cetera, then those activities can move ahead. As part of Phase 2 Work-to-Rule, Teachers should not distribute or collect Board forms.

If you have specific questions regarding Work-to-Rule activities, please contact:

Your Executive Officer
Find your Executive Officer

Your Strike Team Coordinator (ETT Vice President Andy Lomnicki), or call 416-393-9930 ext. 224

A reminder that effective Monday, September 21, 2015, we will move into Phase 3 of the Work-to-Rule – please see ETFO Collective Bargaining Bulletin #29 released earlier today.

John Smith
ETT President


Phase 2 Work-to-Rule Clarification - September 18, 2015 (PDF)