Personal Days

Collective Agreement Language: New Language under C.1.2 Miscellaneous Leaves:

Two of the days may be used for personal reasons which may not abut a holiday.

Existing Language C.1.1:

Application for miscellaneous leave shall be made to the Executive Superintendent of employee services or designate. The Teacher shall notify the principal of the application at the time it is made and whenever possible shall make the application at least five school days prior to the day for which the leave is requested.

In the last round of bargaining, two of the five miscellaneous days granted without loss of sick days under C.1.2 of the Collective Agreement were designated as Personal Days. These days can be taken at any time as long as they do not abut a holiday. The only explanation that needs to be given to the Board is that they are for Personal Reasons.

The Collective Agreement also states that whenever possible the application for these days shall be made five days before the day is to be taken.

If, for any reason, you are denied these personal days, please contact your Executive Officer immediately.

John Smith
ETT President


Personal Days - John Smith - 05312016 (PDF)