Parent/Teacher Interviews

This memo is to help clarify the process and our rights and responsibilities around the first round of interviews with parents.

The Education Act defines part of our job as communicating with parents and guardians of the students we teach. One of the recognized ways we do this is through the parent/teacher interview.

The parent/guardian interview can take a variety of forms depending upon parent-teacher availability, the grade level of students, etc. It is vital that teachers have input into the planning of these interviews.

Traditionally, in many schools, teachers do the bulk of these interviews outside of the instructional day on the Thursday evening before the PA day, and the morning of the PA Day (this year November 13 and 14, respectively). This process does not always allow for the flexibility needed to complete this important task and teachers need to decide what works best in their situation.

The following process has been established with the TDSB:

“that if a Teacher makes themselves available for interviews outside the instructional day then they can access one half day lieu time on the PA Day for parent interviews (November 14).”

If you have any questions please contact your Executive Officer.

John Smith
ETT President


Parent-Teacher Interviews - Oct 30, 2014 (PDF)