PA Day October 6 – Compliance Training

October 3, 2017

PA Day October 6 – Compliance Training

A reminder to ETT members that the upcoming PA Day on Friday, October 6, 2017, (first on the school year calendar, out of seven overall) was a recently achieved gain through collective bargaining.

This day is designed to help with all the various training “demands” being piled onto teachers/educators.

This year, the PA Day on October 6 is designed for “school-based” learning, which includes Health & Safety Compliance Training and school-based professional learning (to be outlined to members at their school/worksite).

If, as in the past, technical difficulties prevent teachers from completing the online compliance training component on the designated PA Day, arrangements should be made by the school/worksite to provide the requisite time to complete this training on another occasion.

In solidarity,

Andy Lomnicki
ETT President


PA Day October 6 - Andy Lomnicki - 10032017 (PDF)