Mental Health Awareness Training

As part of the TDSB’s four year action plan for 2013-2017, the Board has committed to executing an effective Children and Youth Mental Health and Well-being Strategy.

ETT has begun discussions with the Board at the Elementary Concerns Committee to review how this important initiative will be implemented in a collaborative way.  Specifically, we are interested in learning more about what, if any, new expectations there will be for the classroom teacher, and what, if any, resources will be made available to us.

We are naturally concerned about the timing of implementing such an initiative, in a year when PA days have been lost, and when the Board claims to have eliminated its deficit partly through a draconian clamp-down on teachers accessing sick leave, religious holy days, and other personal leave days.

In these circumstances, pending the outcome of our discussions with the Board about how the strategy for the mental health and well-being of students can be implemented with due regard for the mental health and well-being of staff, the ETT Executive wishes to remind members that:

Training for teachers related to this strategy is not required at this time, and members should defer participating in such training until discussions relating to resource allocation for the strategy are completed.

Please call your Executive Officer if you have questions or concerns in this regard.


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Mental Health Awareness Training Memo (PDF)