Memo: Year-End Issues

Prep Time Rescheduling

ETT is concerned that members who have been assigned duties by their principal during their contractual preparation time are not having the time rescheduled within 15 school days, or the end of the school year, as required by the Collective Agreement.  Please see D.15.5 on pages 93 and 94 of the red book.  ETT intends to take the matter to grievance to seek appropriate recompense for all members in this unacceptable situation.  For the grievance to succeed, and for members to be reimbursed, we will need data.

Please review and make note of any and all prep time lost and not rescheduled at this time.

ETT is preparing an instrument for you to register this data – look out for an e-survey next week.

Last School Day

A reminder that one of the many nasty outcomes of Bill 115 was the loss of the PA day which traditionally occurred on the last day of school.  As a result, June 27, 2014, the last work day of the year, will be a school day for students in Toronto schools (although, interestingly, not in York Region schools, where the board seems more interested in finding creative ways to facilitate a productive professional environment for its teaching staff).  ETT members, as usual, are left to cope as best they can, and make the best of a bad situation with varying degrees of support from their administration.  Monday, June 30, 2014 is not a school day, and nobody should be expected to be on duty in any way.  It is the first day of your summer holiday, which you have earned so diligently.  Please enjoy it in joy and safety.


Memo: Year End Issues (PDF)