Memo to ETT Stewards

June 22, 2015

Memo to ETT Stewards

To prepare for bargaining and continued actions next year, and to facilitate communications we are asking you to gather some important information.

1) Call a meeting

Please call a meeting of all ETFO members at your school/worksite.

2) Select a Steward

Establish a process to elect, reelect, appoint, or select a Steward or Stewards/Alternates who will represent your school/worksite for the 2015-2016 school year.

If any member(s) request that a more formal election procedure be conducted, that is their right. In that case, the Steward should contact her or his Executive Officer for advice and support.

All Stewards/Alternates for the 2015-2016 school year must register online as soon as possible. Members must login to access the registration form.

Access the Steward/Alternate 2015-2016 online registration form

3) Establish a Phone Tree

With your staff, complete the template for a phone tree. Distribute a completed copy to each staff member and keep a copy for your own reference.

Instructions on how to use the phone tree are included in the document.

Download the printable phone tree template and instructions [PDF]

4) Select a Health and Safety Contact

Each school/worksite is required to elect a Health and Safety Site Contact under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The name of this contact must be posted on the designated Health and Safety Bulletin Board at your work site and forwarded to the Health and Safety office at at the beginning of the school year.

Access the Health and Safety Contact Sign up form
Learn more about the duties of a Health and Safety Site Contact [PDF]

5) ETT e-Communications/Bargaining Bulletins

Confirm that each ETT member at your school/worksite is receiving ETT e-communications (ETT Weekly, Bargaining Bulletins, etc.)

Need help registering? Please refer to our detailed login and registration FAQs.
Online Subscription Instructions [PDF]
Help Desk: Submit a Technical Support Request

6) ETFO Collective Bargaining eNewsletter

Confirm that each ETFO member as your school/worksite is receiving ETFO’s Collective Bargaining eNewsletter.

Subscribe to the ETFO Collective Bargaining eNewsletter

(Please note the ETFO Collective Bargaining eNewsletter is not a substitute for the Bargaining Bulletins.)

Thank you

John Smith
ETT President


Memo - ETT Stewards - June 22 2015 (PDF)