Letter to TDSB Director Donna Quan: Acknowledging Patricia Hayes

The following letter was sent by ETT President Martin Long to TDSB Director Donna Quan on December 16, 2013.

Dear Donna Quan,

I am taking this opportunity, on the occasion of her retirement, to acknowledge the work done in the name of equity and anti-racism on behalf of the Toronto District School Board by Patricia Hayes.  Since the creation of the TDSB as a result of amalgamation, Patricia was the embodiment of the new board’s commitment to respecting human rights for all, both students and employees, as well as the broader community in which we all live.  On behalf of all members of ETT, I wish Patricia Hayes well for a long and happy retirement.

Also, on behalf of ETT, I reiterate our support for the continued existence of a strong, adequately funded Human Rights Office at the board, to ensure the legacy of work done by Patricia Hayes, and all the other advocates for equity within the TDSB community over the years.


Martin Long
ETT President


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Donna Quan, TDSB


Letter - Acknowledging Patricia Hayes (PDF)