Letter to TDSB Director Donna Quan Concerning December 20, 2013

The following letter was sent by ETT President Martin Long to TDSB Director Donna Quan on December 13, 2013.

Dear Donna Quan,

I am writing to follow up on a communication you have received from Sam Hammond, President of ETFO, concerning the unpaid day for ETT members next Friday, December 20, 2013.

Sam Hammond has requested Directors of Education to ensure that their boards’ communications concerning December 20 make it clear that this is not a PA day in the usual way, but is an unpaid day for ETT members, and for our secondary teacher colleagues.  One example of a response to President Hammond’s request is the following advice on “messaging” sent to Principals in Waterloo:

“Traditionally, teaching staff participate in professional learning activities on days such as December 20, 2013.  However, based on direction provided by the Ministry of Education, permanent contract teachers in both our elementary and secondary schools as well as teachers who work at the Education Centre will be taking December 20th as an unpaid day and therefore will not be at work on this day.”

In the absence of such clarity of messaging, the board runs the risk of giving the impression to the community that it expects things to be “business as usual” in the system, even while teachers’ compensated work time is subject to reduction – the same bang for less buck, in other words, which might be perceived by many teachers as exploitative of their professional goodwill.

And speaking of goodwill, please convey on my behalf the seasonal best wishes of the ETT Executive to all the members of your leadership team.  We look forward to meeting with you early in the new year.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Long
ETT President


Quan Ltr Dec13 (PDF)