ETT and ETFO-TOT Memo: Unfilled Occasional Teacher Assignments

March 6, 2018

ETT and ETFO-TOT Memo: Unfilled Occasional Teacher Assignments

Unfilled Occasional Teacher (OT) assignments negatively impact our working conditions and are a barrier to student success.

This problem is not unique to the TDSB. School boards across Ontario are facing the same issue, and not just with elementary teachers, but with all education workers.

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) and the ETFO Toronto Occasional Teachers’ (ETFO-TOT) are committed to realizing a better system in which all elementary vacancies are covered by a certified, qualified OT from the TDSB OT list. To that end, ETT and ETFO-TOT have signaled to the Board our willingness to work with all stakeholders and to explore options to solve this problem.

Recently, the TDSB informed ETT that additional OTs are being hired to the Board’s OT list. Moving forward, this should help cover more vacancies and bring the TDSB’s elementary OT roster closer to the cap language in ETFO-TOT’s Collective Agreement.

ETT members are encouraged to take action by contacting their Executive Officer if their Administration:

  • informs staff that there are no, or limited, plans to fill/cover vacancies when absences are known well in advance;
  • does not take the necessary steps to book OTs; and/or
  • tries to book less than the required number of OTs by cancelling or collapsing programs.

There may be cause for grievances to be filed in such situations.

In solidarity,

Andy Lomnicki
Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) President

Rob Fulford
ETFO Toronto Occasional Teachers’ (ETFO-TOT) President


Unfilled Occasional Teacher Assignments - ETT-ETFOTOT - 03062018 (PDF)