January-February 2014 Reporting Schedule

The 2013-14 academic year is not a normal year in our schools, thanks to the ill-conceived initiative of the late and unlamented McGuinty Liberal Government. Consequently, while ETT members continue to do our professional utmost to meet the needs of our students, it is not reasonable to expect “business as usual” in the schools.

The following points are made as a result of questions asked and concerns expressed by ETT members:

January 24, 2014 is a paid PA Day for elementary teachers for the purpose of assessment and writing reports.  As per established practice, the location at which this paid work is performed is at each individual teacher’s discretion.

February 7 – 14, 2014 – Report Card 1 goes home.

Parent/Guardian-Teacher conference invitations are issued in the circumstances the board has determined:

promotion at risk;
significant decline in achievement;
placement in alternative or special education program considered;
parent/guardian request.

Scheduling of conferences is determined at each school.

N.B.  (i)  scheduling should be a collaborative exercise of the professional team at the school

N.B.  (ii) no individual teacher can be required to be on duty on any specific date and time beyond the established work hours.  Teachers fulfill their professional duties in the context of their personal and family lives.

Senior Kindergarten:  We have seen memos originating in some local schools to the effect that interviews/conferences must take place for all SK students.   This is simply wrong (and would evidently constitute a serious disregard for the professional judgment of the teachers concerned).  The board’s expectation is that there be “contact” with the parent/guardian for each child.  The nature of the contact with the SK child’s parent or guardian would be a matter over which the teacher would act according to her/his professional judgment.

Please contact your ETT Executive Officer if you need advice or support concerning these issues.

Thank you,

Martin Long
ETT President


January-February 2014 Reporting Schedule (PDF)