Message for ETT Stewards Regarding Investor Group Lunch and Learns

It has come to our attention that financial advisors with Investors Group have been contacting ETT Stewards and offering to provide lunch in the school for those attending a presentation on financial products.

Investors Group (IG) connecting with the ETT Steward could cause potential confusion regarding the relations between ETT and IG.

IG is a for-profit financial planning operation, and is not connected in any way with ETT/ETFO, OTF or the OTPP. Independent information and advice to members is available from our union and the pension plan.  Members are encouraged to seek information from these organizations, that work entirely on our behalf.

I have requested IG not to contact ETT Stewards with regard to their products, and informed them that since they have no connection to the union representing members in the school, the appropriate avenue for arranging such lunch and learns would be through the school administration.

Martin Long
ETT President

Doris Duni
Benefits Coordinator


Investor Group Lunch and Learns (PDF)