Instructions to Teachers Regarding Report Cards

Many school Boards across the province are sending out variations of report cards to parents reflecting the marks prepared by Teachers. The TDSB has decided to send out a letter to parents confirming their children’s placement for the upcoming year.

WTR Bulletin 19 and 20 states clearly “Teachers will not distribute correspondence from the Board about aspects of Labour Negotiations and/or work to Rule Issues.” Consequently, Teachers will not distribute communications from the Board around reporting.

If parents ask questions about their children’s marks, refer them to the principal.

Report Card Update

Under ETFO’s legal work to rule job action, Teachers are fulfilling their responsibility to provide marks to their principals for each elementary student in their classes.

Teachers have been reporting to parents on their child’s progress in the classroom through meetings and conversations throughout the school year. We have completed report card marks and transmitted them to principals, who have final approval for these marks.

It is now the responsibility of principals and school boards to report on student progress to parents. How school boards choose to fulfill this responsibility is up to them.

We hope that the marks Teachers have prepared, based on their everyday assessments of student progress, are passed on to parents by school boards.

If school boards do refuse to pass on the marks teachers are preparing to parents, they are depriving parents of information that they deserve to receive.

John Smith
ETT President


Memo - Instructions To Teachers Re Report Cards - June 11, 2015 (PDF)