Inglewood Heights Junior Public School

Grade Range: JK-6
Family of Schools: ER19

Address: 45 Dempster St
Neighbourhood: Tam O’Shanter-Sullivan



Learning Opportunities Index Rank (2014): 241

Utilization Rate (2014): 102%
Enrolment (2014): 242

Utilization Rate (Projected 2034): 132%
Enrolment: (Projected 2034): 314

Inglewood Heights Junior Public School’s utilization rate is currently above capacity. The TDSB projects that the school’s enrolment will continue to grow over the next 20 years.

Additional Programs Using School Space During the School Day

Parent and Family Literacy Centre

Additional Programs Using School Space Outside of School Hours

YMCA Daycare (Daycare)


Inglewood Heights Junior Public School Profile
TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (LOI) [PDF]
Elementary/Junior High School Enrolment, Capacity and Utilization Data (2004‐2034) [PDF]