Heather Heights Junior Public School

Grade Range: JK-6
Family of Schools: ER20

Address: 80 Slan Ave
Neighbourhood: Woburn



Learning Opportunities Index Rank (2014): 186

Utilization Rate (2014): 59%
Enrolment (2014): 177

Utilization Rate (Projected 2034): 91%
Enrolment: (Projected 2034): 275

The TDSB projects that Heather Heights Junior Public School’s enrolment will dramatically increase over the next 20 years.

Shared Space

Heather Heights Junior Public School shares a building with the Ben Heppner Vocal Music Academy (72 students).

Special Programs

Heather Heights Junior Public School supports students through a Safe and Caring Schools program for Primary and Junior students and an alternative program for high school students.

Additional Programs Using School Space Outside of School Hours

Musical Theatre (Toronto Parks and Recreation)


Heather Heights Junior Public School Profile
TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (LOI) [PDF]
Elementary/Junior High School Enrolment, Capacity and Utilization Data (2004‐2034) [PDF]