George Syme Community School

Grade Range: JK-5
Family of Schools: WR5

Address: 69 Pritchard Ave
Neighbourhood: Rockcliffe-Smythe



Learning Opportunities Index Rank (2014): 37

Utilization Rate (2014): 60%
Enrolment (2014): 386

Utilization Rate (Projected 2034): 63%
Enrolment: (Projected 2034): 407

The TDSB projects that George Syme Community School’s enrolment will grow immediately, decline slightly, and then begin to grow again.

Special Programs

George Syme Community School is part of the Model Schools for Inner Cities program. The school also offers French Immersion and International Languages programs.

Additional Programs Using School Space During the School Day

George Syme Day Care (Daycare)
Adult ESL (1 Classroom)

Additional Programs Using School Space Outside of School Hours

Escuela de Pioneros de la Paz (Saturday program for Latin American students)
Drop-In (Toronto Parks and Recreation)


George Syme Community School Profile
TDSB Learning Opportunities Index (LOI) [PDF]
Elementary/Junior High School Enrolment, Capacity and Utilization Data (2004‐2034) [PDF]