Family of Schools (Learning Network) Teacher Requested Transfer (FOS TRT) Information and FAQ

Important Dates:

  • April 18, 2018: TRT Form is due to the Board by 4:00 p.m.
  • April 20, 2018: Placements begin by Family of Schools Superintendents


  • Under the new Collective Agreement, TRT placements will now take place within the same learning network, subject to availability of vacancies.
  • By April 15th staffing models should be approved and you ought to have received your assignment from your current school principal.
  • No later than April 18 you need to fill out and submit your FOS TRT form.
  • Placements by your Superintendent in the Learning Network begin on April 20.
  • You can apply for positions in all rounds of postings. If you find your own position through the postings, this will be your assignment.
  • You will be placed in an assignment but can still apply to any vacancies in any vacancy round if the placement isn’t preferable.
  • If you are unable to find a position through the rounds of postings, the assignment you receive at the placement table will be in your learning network (subject to availability of positions) and will be your permanent assignment.
  • The only criteria that the Board considers for a FOS TRT is your qualifications. The Board has your qualifications as listed on the Ontario College of Teachers website. If, for example, you have Special Education as a qualification, you can be placed in a Special Education assignment.
  • After you’ve received your placement, you continue to have the option of applying for the Teacher Exchange Transfer, which begins May 26th. Please contact your ETT Executive Officer for more information about this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to inform my Principal that I’m applying for the FOS TRT?

No, but your principal will be notified by Employee Services once you have been placed at a different school.

2) Do I need to fill out a resume highlights sheet or provide references?

No. You may choose to apply to postings, but this is not a necessary step.

3) Can I still submit an assignment preference sheet in my own school to see what my assignment will be next year in my current school?

Yes, you should receive your assignment for your current school before the FOS TRT application deadline, and this can help you make your decision about going through with the FOS TRT. Please notify your Executive Officer if that doesn’t occur.

4) I want to do the FOS TRT because of the long commute to my current school. Will the Board look at geographic considerations?

No. However, if you live 25km or more from your worksite you may apply to the Teacher Geographic Application Process in early June.

5) If I change my mind after the FOS TRT has been activated, can I cancel the TRT process?

No. You need to be very sure before activating this process because after the FOS TRT has been activated, you are no longer a part of your current school’s seniority list.

ETT Surplus and Transfer Committee Members

Kwabena Frimpong (LC1)
416 708 8671

Roz Geridis (LC3)
416 708 8287

Colin Strange (LC2)
416 708 8317

Jamie Thom (LC4)
416 708 8509


Family Of Schools Teacher Requested Transfer Information And FAQ - March 1 2018 (PDF)