Fairness Works!

October 4, 2013

Fairness Works!

The following message is from the Canadian Labour Congress.

The labour movement is not just about decent jobs. It’s about a better life, for everyone.

This is the message that millions of Canadians across the country will see on their television sets from October 7 through November 17, 2013. It’s part of a national advertising campaign sponsored by the Canadian Labour Congress to remind people about the good things we all enjoy because unions bring fairness to the workplace–and to our lives.

Watch for these ads on the following television networks and check out fairnessworks.ca to learn more about some of the benefits that unions deliver, for everyone. If you like what you see, tweet about it with #FairnessWorks.

Watch the Ad!


Please visit ETFO’s Together Fairness Work campaign portal to watch further videos, download images, and access ETFO and CLC specific resources.