Excellence in Teaching Equity Award

March 28, 2018

Excellence in Teaching Equity Award

ETT’s Anti-racism, Equity and Social Justice Committee (ARESJ) strives continuously to fulfill our mission of honouring, supporting, and celebrating excellence in teaching equity. It is our goal to promote a positive image of teaching and to ensure that equity in education is an integral part of our profession. This award recognizes individuals who have contributed much in the area of equity and social justice by:

  • Educating members about cultural, racial, ethnic and religious diversity within the education community
  • Promoting teaching as a career for under-represented groups in society
  • Promoting strategies with students and staff to ensure that school based activities are inclusive
  • Encouraging the development of bias-free curriculum materials

The Committee is looking to honour up to two teachers who have made a significant difference in the lives of students, educators, schools, and communities.   We hope that you will assist us in celebrating teaching excellence by either self-nominating or nominating another ETT educator who, in your opinion, deserves to be recognized for their work in equity and social justice. The winner(s) of this year’s Award will (each) receive a $200.00 cheque from the Elementary Teachers of Toronto.

The award will be presented at the ETT Annual Dinner: Holiday Inn, Yorkdale on June 15, 2018.

ETT’s ARESJ Committee’s Excellence in Teaching Equity Award recognizes an educator who has made outstanding contributions and excelled in promoting equity in teaching. The educator would have demonstrated many of the following criteria over time, but not limited to:*

  • Involvement in school initiatives
  • Involvement in community initiatives
  • Bringing positive awareness of anti-racism issues to others
  • Affecting lives of students, teachers and community in a positive way
  • Initiating club(s), workshop(s) and/or community involvement with an equity focus
  • Positive leadership and role-modeling for others
  • Having a positive attitude towards diversity that brings about harmony
  • Working collaboratively and inspiring others on equity & social justice projects

*The above-named qualities are only intended as suggestions for consideration when nominating an individual for this award. Other qualities may be considered.

Nominations must be received at the ETT office either by fax, email or through the Board mail by 4:30 p.m., Monday, April 30, 2018. Nominations arriving after the said date and time will not be accepted.

Please send your nominations to:

Kwabena Frimpong, ETT Executive Liaison,
Anti-racism, Equity and Social Justice Committee
4211 Yonge Street, Suite 300, Route NE14


Fax: 416.393.9929


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2018 Equity Award Info Application (PDF)