ETT Executive Elections and Retirement

The list of candidates for election to the ETT Executive for the 2014-16 term was posted this morning.

Observant members who pay attention to such things have noticed that my name is not on the list of those offering to serve and asking your support to do so.

Having enjoyed the privilege of serving the thousands of dedicated and inspiring teachers who make up the membership of ETT since the creation (no, really!) back in 1998, I am happy to be moving on to retirement.

I thank you for the support you have given me and the ETT Executive leadership team over the years. I will always remember, with pride, the solidarity with which the membership confronted the challenges that came our way.

I look forward to the next three months continuing to work on your behalf, and doing whatever I can to ensure a smooth transition to the new team.

We have an impressive list of candidates with a diversity of experience to choose from – please, let’s all play our parts by participating in the election, and making an informed choice about the team to lead us into the future.

Thank you,

Martin Long
ETT President


Memo From ETT President Martin Long Regarding ETT Elections (PDF)