ETFO 2017 Annual Meeting: ETFO Executive Elections

The ETT Executive has developed a process to support candidates from this local who wish to be nominated and qualify for financial support for election to the ETFO Executive.

Elections will be held at this summer’s ETFO 2017 Annual Meeting for all positions on the ETFO Executive. It is important that the candidates nominated by ETT, and hopefully elected to the ETFO Executive, will advocate for ETT and our strategic priorities and goals while in office.

Following the ETT Constitution, a maximum of two candidates can be nominated. This does not preclude any member in good standing from running for election, but only two will be officially nominated and will receive ETT support.

If any member wishes to apply to the ETT Executive for nomination, please contact ETT President John Smith by email at by Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 4:00 p.m.

The full details of the process will be provided to each prospective candidate. Please be advised that the process will include a written submission of reflection on ETT’s strategic priorities and a follow-up discussion with the ETT Executive.

Please contact ETT President John Smith if you have any questions.


ETFO Annual Meeting - ETFO Executive Elections - Memo - Jan 20 2017 (PDF)