Director of Education Donna Quan – Progress Reports

On behalf of the membership of ETT, I have communicated our congratulations, and best wishes to Donna Quan on her appointment to the position of Director of Education of the Toronto District School Board.  We have had productive engagement with Donna Quan recently arising out of her role as interim Director, and previously as a Supervisory Officer with the Board.  I look forward to continuing the development of constructive relationships between ETT and Donna Quan and her leadership team at the Board.

Executive Officers are reporting back from school visits that Progress Reports remain a significant topic for discussion.  Specific issues and concerns are best dealt with by the individual members and/or staff involved.  However, two fundamental principles must always be given full consideration:

Professional Judgment of the teacher for the appropriate assessment and reporting of her/his students’ progress is basic to the intent of “Growing Success” and PPM 155, and therefore of Ministry of Education policy;

Collaborative Professional Teamwork is acknowledged as a valuable component of creating effective schools, and is therefore recognized as a “best practice” by the Board.

These two principles should be in effect as we work as teachers who are members of a team of professionals in our schools.  If you feel this is not the case in your workplace, please consult your ETT executive to determine how we can be of assistance.

Martin Long
ETT President


Director of Education Donna Quan - Progress Reports (PDF)