Compliance Training

Over the years, the required knowledge of various Occupational Health & Safety standards at our workplaces has grown.

Now, certain aspects of training are considered essential, or “mandatory.”

In order to be implemented properly the employer should provide, or set aside, time for “Mandatory training” during the work day (instructional time).

This need was finally recognized in the last round of Provincial Bargaining, to the extent that an additional PA Day was created to help deal with this “Compliance Training.”

However, ETT members continue to experience frustrating obstacles that impede their ability to successfully complete this training, including everything from technological break-downs to insufficient time allocated to this important aspect of work.

Teachers should not be expected to complete “mandatory training” on their time (e.g. prep time, lunch time, after school, etc.).

Please contact your ETT Executive Officer if you have any further questions.

John Smith
ETT President


Compliance Training - Memo - John Smith - 04102017 (PDF)