Chair Allowance

This is a reminder to all ETT members appointed to the position of Chair that they ensure they are in receipt of the allowance to which they are entitled under the Collective Agreement.

Please review B.5.2 and Appendix B.4 (pages 26 and 32 of the red book) in your Collective Agreement.

It is important to note the entitlement to two Occasional Teacher days which represents a component of the allowance which is to be “…paid to a Chair.”

Occasionally, ETT hears that in some schools the administration has a tendency to view these two days as part of the resources allocated to the school by the board, and in some way subject to administrative discretion as to their use. This is most definitely not the case. As a component of the amount of the allowance “…to be paid to a Chair,” the two Occasional Teacher days are as much yours to determine the use of as is the dollar component.

Please do not give your hard earned compensation back to the board – you won’t be thanked for it, but it will increasingly be expected of all of us.

Please contact your ETT Executive Officer or myself if support is required.

Martin Long
ETT President


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Chair Allowance (PDF)