Recently, Grade Three Teachers across the province administered the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT-7) as directed by the Ministry of Education.

Based on recent correspondence with the Board, we have been informed that the results of the CCAT-7, with a profile, will be included in the report card package.

Teachers are also expected to interpret and discuss these results with parents during interviews without comprehensive guidelines concerning the term “measurable data.”

This is problematic for a number of reasons:

  • This is a marked increase in Grade Three Teacher workload, as this involves packaging, preparation for the interviews, filing, etc.
  • These are sophisticated tests. Accurately determining how they impact students and the program requires highly qualified interpretation.
  • Teachers have not been adequately notified of the process, and training has been woefully inadequate or non-existent. Additionally, misinterpretation of the data could compromise Teachers’ professional judgement.

We encourage Teachers to use the progress report cards that they developed through observation and evaluation as a means of reporting during parent interviews. Detailed questions around the analysis and interpretation of the data should be referred to the Supervising Principal of Special Education (Lori Moore, Learning Centres 2 and 3, or Maria Lo Bianco, Learning Centres 1 and 4).

John Smith
ETT President


Memo -CCAT-7 - John Smith - 11162016 (PDF)