Applying to Postings Information and FAQ

Applying to Postings Information and FAQ


  • The ETT Political Action Committee publishes the results of a School Evaluation survey that is completed by members on the climate of schools and the strength of the school administration. This can be a very helpful resource for members to look at prior to deciding to submit an application for a position.
  • Prepare your Resume and Highlights form well ahead of the first vacancy posting so that you can have time to edit and to seek feedback from others.
  • Consider preparing more than one Resume and Highlights form geared towards various positions that you expect to be interested in (e.g. Special Education, Intermediate division, Kindergarten, etc.).
  • Principals are required to interview at least five members for a position.
  • Interviews should be scheduled outside of the instructional day or may have release time, if necessary.


  • Contacting your references prior to the postings and providing them with a copy of your resume and highlight form.
  • Speaking with members that currently work at the school you are applying to, or members you know that have worked with that Principal before.
  • Asking for feedback on any interviews you attend for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to use my current principal as a reference to apply to a posting? Can you use a VP or a previous principal as a reference instead?

Please assume that the TDSB may contact your current or most recent principal. If you choose not to include your current principal, consider how you might respond in an interview if asked why. You can include your VP and/or a previous principal as well.

2) Do I need to let my principal know before I go on an interview?

Not necessarily. However, if you are using your principal as a reference, you may want to alert her/him that they may get a call from a school for a referral.

3) A principal communicated with me before the time frame allowed to offer a position. What should I do?

No member ought to be pressured to indicate whether or not that they will accept a position outside or the time frame provided in the Surplus and Transfer timelines.

4) Why are the timelines so tight between the posting of positions and the submission of resumes?

The Surplus and Transfer process closes on May 25, 2018, as per our Collective Agreement. Teacher allotments are not released by the board until after March Break. To ensure that our members have access to three rounds of vacancy postings, the timelines must be short.

5) If I have already accepted a position in a previous round, may I apply for and accept a subsequent position?

Yes. You may continue to apply until all three vacancy rounds are completed.

6) A principal has scheduled my interview during the instructional day. What should I do?

Interviews should be scheduled outside of the instructional day or may have release time, if necessary. Contact your Executive Officer as soon as possible to discuss.