Additional OTIP Services: FeelingBetterNow and CAREpath

April 29, 2013

Additional OTIP Services: FeelingBetterNow and CAREpath

OTIP continues to offer additional services for all ETT members and their dependants. There is no additional cost for any component of these exceptional services.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact:

Doris Duni, Benefit Coordinator
416-393-9930 ext. 235


Stress and other mental health issues continue to be leading factors within the OTIP claim block. With the recognition of higher than average stress levels within the education field, OTIP introduced the FeelingBetterNow® program in 2009.

This program has been developed to ensure user confidentiality. No personal information is shared with OTIP, a member’s employer, co-workers, or union. In the event a member is at risk for a common mental health disorder, the FeelingBetterNow® website ( will provide treatment guidelines and a care map for the member to take to his or her physician. Members do not need to be off work or on claim to access this resource.

CAREpath: Cancer Assistance Program

Available since 2007, the CAREpath Cancer Assistance Program offers help in many forms to members and their immediate family (spouse and dependent children) when dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Significant medical advice and meaningful patient advocacy are the cornerstones of this valued program. Three distinct services are available:

CAREpath Navigation System

  • Provides one-on-one telephone counselling, guidance and support from a personal oncology nurse, backed by an oncologist.

CAREpath Survivor Support

  • Assists you and your immediate family members in leading a healthy, cancer-free life through a comprehensive risk assessment and prevention program.

Cancer Information Line

  • Gives you access to cancer-related information for extended family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer.

This program is meant to complement—not replace—the health services provided by your doctors. To contact CAREpath services call 1-800-290-5106 or e-mail




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